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July 22, 2015
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Stand Out Marketing

You’ve probably seen this Graubunden tourism video working it’s way around social media. It is delightful, refreshing and unobtrusive – although not for commuters at the Zurich railway station.

But why is it so special and memorable? 4 Reasons this is stand out marking:

  1. It observes human behavior – someone determined that the people who are most in need of a serene, spur-of-the-moment break from their hectic schedules could be found at the Zurich railway station.
  2. It identifies points of intercept – the real-time ‘ad’ for a tranquil visit to Graubunden literally intercepts commuters en route to somewhere…simultaneously capturing their attention and mindset.
  3. It highlights the pain point – the decision to re-route must be made immediately– targeting those commuters who most need the break and are willing to go for it!
  4. It offers a tempting and convenient solution – commuters need only say ‘Yes!’ to have a free ticket immediately dispatched for the next train to Graubunden. The host even offers to call their work or school for an excused absence.

* Bonus points for using technology, place, people and other props to reinforce the offer!