SSD Technology Partners

DMS Solution, LLC
July 17, 2015

SSD Technology Partners

Bobbie Brooks, Marketing Director of SSD Technology Partners, partnered with Strategic Goods to translate tech-speak into a positive brand story that described the company and the products in a digestible way.

“We met through a colleague, and I was very impressed with Ranie’s outlook, professionalism, and ability to truly connect with her colleagues. Those qualities make her a natural networker and storyteller, and she put those skills to work on our behalf,” says Bobbie.

Ranie tackled the challenge of spreading the word about this IT startup by reshaping website and brochure content. To carefully outline the benefits and added value of partnering with SSD, content was written to include compelling statistics, case studies, and “user friendly” descriptions of complex software.

“In six months our organic SEO ratings went up drastically and with them, contact form submissions. Not only am I satisfied with the results on the business end of our partnership, it was also an absolute pleasure to know and work alongside Ranie.”